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CoreNet Global New Zealand Symposium 2016, Call for Cases

 "The Century of the City"

 Following the exceptional success of this year’s symposium on Wellness and Wellbeing, CoreNet Global NZ’s 2016 Symposium will take place on Thursday 16th June at Shed 10 on Queen’s Wharf in downtown Auckland. 

As wellness and wellbeing proved to be such a thought-provoking topic, we have chosen another of the major issues that we face as our 2016 theme: 
The Century of The City: Corporate Real Estate in the Changing Urban Environment 

Under this theme we will focus on:
The big issues facing our cities in the 21st Century

Key likely impacts on business
How as Corporate Real Estate practitioners we can navigate through this sea of change and harness the powerful forces that are shaping the cities of the future, using them to benefit our businesses, clients and customers.

The past five years have seen a period of unprecedented and unimaginable change sweep across our cities – including natural disasters, significant migration and social movements and the rapid and constant pace of technological change, as well as central and local government influence, significant infrastructure projects, private sector investment, foreign capital injections and local entrepreneurship. 

The only thing that is constant is change – human and urban, within New Zealand and across the globe. So, in this Symposium we ask: what is our role and how can we best meet the challenges we face and lead the changes we need to make? 

Save the date! 
When: Thursday 16 June  2016 
Where: Shed 10, Queen’s Wharf, Auckland 

Call for cases: 
We are looking for great case studies on:
How our cities are changing in front of us
The role and importance of people, scale, place, process in managing change
Harnessing technology to manage change
Meeting the needs of migration - a key factor for NZ
Changes to business, work environments and communities in our cities
New capabilities built by people in real estate to meet these challenges.

If you would like to submit a case study for the next Symposium, please forward details or an outline by 22 January 2016 to:

Andrew Tu'inukuafe: 
Nigel Rye:

For more information on CoreNet Global and the symposium, see:

Nigel Rye
Phone: +64 021 77 00 76